01 September 2016

The essential reading list for cynics!

In these post modern times perhaps the only thing that holds us from going apart is Cynicism and may be Paranoia. Cynic. Its a negative word. The dictionary defines it as "a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self interest rather acting for honourable or unselfish reasons!"
But I am enamoured by it. In fact I would go to the extent of proclaiming myself as one. But I am not alone. A friend (he wrote a "Short Guide for the incorrigible cynic") believes that it is "halfway to enlightenment". I guess it is the difficult half. So just to prove us wrong, I decided to something altruisitic: Make an essential reading list for the the cynics!
I made the first two contributions and then threw it open on an eclectic whatsapp group. And was I surprised! Not only I got more suggestions than I had bargained for but promptly my two suggestions were quashed by the erudite! The suggestions were long enough to keep a cynic going for at least an year! Here is the list:

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