25 September 2016

On Books

I have been thinking if there's only one book you have to recommend for reading in a particular genre, what would it be?
I drew up a sketchy list. Here it is:-

1. War and Military - Catch 22
2. Government and bureaucracy - The Complete Yes Prime Minister
3. Indian History - The wonder that was India
4. Travel (India) - Ram Ram India
5. Business and Finance - The Financial Expert
6. History - A short history of nearly everything
7. Mythology and Religion - Mahabharata
8. Children's Literature - Haroun and the Sea of Stories
9. Thin book readable in one sitting - The Little Prince
10.Thick book never finished - War and Peace
11. Fantasy - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
12. Poetry (Hindi) - Rashmirathi
13. Sociology - Changel- The autobiography of a village

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