29 February 2016

Ten Years of Blogging

I began blogging ten years ago in 2005 and my first post e4 was published on 05 September 2005. It was a small post in a relatively new media which was written more as a note to self than anything else. Till today it has only five views! Along the years, I wrote about travel, photography, my own musings and rarely current affairs. I purposefully avoided political and controversial issues, not because I did not have views on them but I believe blogging about them only adds to the cacophony and no real progress can be made through this media. Initially I managed to quite frequent posts but gradually as enthusiasm waned and time curtailed, it even dropped to just two posts in an year! However,it again picked pace with me posting photos as posts. Subsequently I decided to demarcate between the two and post photos on instagram and written material here on this blog. That reduced the number of posts but I have tried to keep it at least once a month. Speaking of posts read, I reached record views in 2011 and since then they have sort of plateaued at the bottom! What has been surprising is the maximum reads have been for a casually written post on Lucknow Winter Flowers! 
It has been an exciting ten years and while I cannot compliment myself for doing an extraordinary work, I do take some pride in perseverance!  
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