29 April 2015

The Bucket Challenge

The other day I was carrying a bucket full of hot water from one bath room to another. As soon as I exited the bathroom into the bedroom, the bucket disintegrated flooding the room with warm water. Thankfully I managed to steer clear of the hot water and avoided being scalded. However, now I faced with this humungous task of draining the water out of the bedroom. For a moment I stood perplexed not able to think what to do, a term aptly summarised in Sanskrit as "kinkartavya vimudh". I soon got my composure back and managed to do everything right. Afterwords I realised there were crucial lessons to be learnt from this episode that can be applied to any crisis. So here are the Dummy's Guide to tackling a Bucket Challenge :

1. Have a plan. Any plan will do. I immediately realised the easiest way to drain the water out would be through the balcony.

2. Do the Damage Control. I removed the soakable items from the floor and placed them out of harms way in the next room.

3. Work towards your plan. I started draining the water towards the balcony with whatever tools I had.

4. Get the right tools. I remembered I had a nice new rubber mop that could easily drive all the water towards the way I wanted.

5. Get help. I asked my son to fetch the new mop from the kitchen while I was doing the damage control.

6. Restrict access. I realised if my toddler daughter would walk into the room she would find it extremely amusing and would try to muddle the water. So I immediately asked her to stay away.

7. Keep at it. I energetically kept using the mop to drive the water into the balcony and yet I found more and more of it. But I kept going on.

8. Decide the end point. After I had flushed most of the water I realised going would be a waste of the effort. So I stopped.

9. Think of the long term solution. I realised changing buckets before they developed major wear and tear was a good idea.

10. Focus on the positives. Instead of griming on the back breaking mopping I realised the bedroom had a much required cleaning and was now looking sparkling clean!

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